Our sensory & robotics technology solutions revolutionise the standards for data harvesting across multiple industries.

With more precise data we help our clients to improve integrity, performance and design across industries such as aerospace, automotive, gaming and healthcare. Hyve’s technology is a paradigm shift replacing costly and less robust legacy technologies and methods – e.g. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFDs), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and wind tunnels – which can only provide “virtual” restricted scenarios and simulations.

We help our clients create dynamic and more precise solutions to collecting real-time data, in a sustainable, faster, cheaper and more precise way.


The result after six years of peer-reviewed research, countless hours of simulations and laboratory experimentation and testing in partnership with Cranfield University, is the artificial skin used in Adaptronics.

Hyve Dynamic’s Adaptronics uses ‘smart materials and structures’. This stretchable, wearable electronic membrane sensor biomimics the nervous system on complex structures and surfaces, to measure atmospheric pressure, temperature and strain under any real environmental conditions.

Medical & Healthcare

Sensor and wearable technology is a game-changer in healthcare. With the rising popularity of Fitbits, smartwatches and the greater Internet of Things (IoT), IoT sensor technology is starting to have a real impact on health care. The market for medical wearables is estimated to hit $12.1 billion by 2021, according to a recent study by Markets and Markets. New devices can monitor for heart attacks, signs of stroke, and measure and control insulin levels for diabetics. Hyve Dynamics solutions:

  • Provides advanced data analytics that improves the effectiveness of devices focused on making people healthier, medical providers smarter and more efficient, and health care more affordable. 
  • Gives patients more control over their own health and access to critical data about their symptoms and conditions. The advanced data can reduce the amount of time and cost of medical procedures and doctor’s visits. 
  • Enables doctors and medical experts to access real-time information about patients medical conditions.


Flying atmospheric conditions are dynamic, chaotic and virtually impossible to predict accurately. Hyve’s sensory skin provides precise data regarding how a plane will fly in actual weather conditions and hence exactly what you want to fix, change or refine in order to operate more efficiently and safely.

Imagine having Hyve’s sensory skin stretched over the surface of a plane’s wing flying at 35,000 feet through a storm over the Atlantic in the middle of a summer heatwave.

These unique weather conditions are impossible to emulate with any other methods. this is why it is critical to have powerful tools for generating high-quality, high precision aerodynamic data for the development and refinement of aircraft.

Automotive & Transport

Cars, boats, trains. In the worlds of automotive and transport, everything is about speedperformance and safety. Companies value data that will allow them to design vehicles that outperform the competition under any unique conditions. Hyve’s technology provides our clients with the precise data intelligence that allows them to surpass the competition and win by achieving the following:

  • Improved accuracy of speed and performance data
  • Reduced design flaws
  • Reduced R&D costs
  • Improved speed time to market


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