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Sensor Technology Providing Unparalleled Data Insights

At Hyve Dynamics our mission is to elevate the performance, integrity, and standards of
people, businesses and society by integrating our trusted sensory technology solutions into
the fabric of everyday living.


Hyve Dynamics sensor solutions detect coronavirus symptoms

Hyve Dynamics is responding to the request by governments and organisations to help create solutions and tools focused on containing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Hyve Dynamics sensor technology will protect frontline workers in coronavirus pandemic

Hyve Dynamics has launched an initiative to design sensor-based personal protective equipment (PPE) and enhance remote medical monitoring capabilities incorporating sensor technology.

Three ways sensor technology could create healthcare equality and save lives

Sensor technology can help to bridge these inequalities: by providing much more equal access to basic healthcare services, by protecting the public as a whole, and by helping stabilise our global economy as a consequence. 

The Importance Of Responsible Technology Leadership

Technology is a great enabler that can elevate global businesses and communities. However, in the absence of responsible leadership, technology can be a weapon of mass destruction. Technology leaders must be a force for positive change. 

Cecilia Harvey on The Gem of All Mechanisms Podcast

Cecilia Harvey CEO of @hyvedynamics in conversation with BCS’ Olivia Wolfheart. They talk leadership, responsibility and culture in technology.

Inspirational Woman: Cecilia Harvey

Graduating from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Cecilia Harvey was soon captivated by the energy of Wall Street and the lure of a career in banking. After working her way up in the banking industry, her roles have since included being the COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology, and positions with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and IBM.

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